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About Tales of Tamar
previous Maybe you heard some rumours about our project through the internet. We´d like to thank you for you interest and taking the first step by visiting our homepage.
We hope you will get the detailed information about the game on the following pages you expected. So, first of all the main question:

What is "Tales of Tamar" ?

"Tales of Tamar" features some new innovations in computer-games. If you take a look at the actual realm of computer-games you may find a lot of brilliant games for PC and/or Playstation. They show us breathtaking intros and 3D-effects but end up in a weak gameplay...

Havn´t you also bought a game which you played for about two months or maybe less, and asked yourself this question afterwards: "Why didn´t they make it any better...."

On one hand strategic games don´t bear complexity and high pricing but on the other hand there is sometimes a bad network support or you simply miss the quality of the stuff.

If you ask yourself about the important things to be placed in such a game in order to become one of the best of this kind, you´ll have to write some notes.



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