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19.12.2001 - New MacPPC version 0.14

V0.14 of ToT for the Mac can now send and receive emails. The next version will implement the residence screen. From there it's not far to a playable version for the Mac.

11.12.2001 - New PC version 0.26

V0.26 introduces some important new features to the PC version of Tales of Tamar:

  • Town screen
  • Map screen
  • Trade screen
  • Anarchy screen

This allows PC players to build their towns, to trade with other players and to explore the map. Next planned features are barracks and figures on the map.

10.12.2001 - New Amiga version 0.39

Version 0.39 for the Amiga introduces the so called BardsTale screen. Bards tale screen

BardsTale is a new feature to improve the atmosphere in the first few turns of ToT. It shows stories about the development of the realm.

But it is not only able to show simple texts, but enables us also to create "playable stories". Maybe some of you remember those "game books" where you could decide how the story ends.

This is possible with BardsTale, too. Theoretically, we could create huge fantasy stories where the decisions of the player have an influence on the realm.

But why is it called BardsTale? This is a tribute to the original "Bards Tale", back then when games were judged by story and atmosphere and when graphics were of minor importance.

BardsTale and the new port are created by our artist Carsten Fuhrmann.

Again, we'd like to invite a Amiga users to join the "Beta Test". On the last exhibition, somebody said that the ToT community would be the biggest Amiga club in Germany :-) We think this needs no further comment....

14.11.2001 - New Mac PPC version 0.13

Version 0.13 introduces CD-ROM sound to the Mac. It also fixes problems with the SoundFX.

30.07.2001 - Screenshots of Amiga version

Besides further improvements in the diplomacy features, the new version 0.36 R7 also introduces new graphics for the map screen. In the winter quarter, you can now see snowy landscapes.

Screenshot 1 --- Screenshot 2

17.07.2001 - New Atari version V0.21

In the Version V0.21 for Atari, the option screen has been ported. It contains the settings for sound and for Internet and modem access.

16.07.2001 - First Java version available

The Java version of Tales Of Tamar will be available for settop boxes, handhelds and all other computers not supported natively. So now we support all known computer platforms.

11.07.2001 - New PC version V0.20

Starting with Version 0.20 the version of ToT for the PC is now playable. The sovereign can now distribute grain, grow his population, harvest grain, collect taxes and research...

This makes Tales Of Tamar the first game to unite the platforms Atari, Amiga and PC in an online game.

We still accept alpha testers for all three systems. Ask your friends and compete with them in this unique fantasy world. Who is the better strategist?

26.06.2001 - New Atari version V0.20R3

Version V0.20R3 of Atari version with many bugfixes available.

25.06.2001 - New Amiga version V0.36R3

  • Paula DMA sounds weren't played properly when using overly long samples. Fixed.
  • The figure menu could be drawn outside of the visible screen. Fixed.
  • Buildings that weren't completed for some reason could only be build again after reseting the city. Fixed.
  • All screens now check the amount of free ChipRAM and skip playing DMA sounds when not enough ChipRAM is available.
  • Map did not release all elements, resulting in memory fragmentation. Fixed.
  • Granary did not free all memory. Fixed.
  • When restocking an army with new men, the amount of weapons and armour wasn't checked properly. Fixed.
  • Medium and heavy infantry moved other resp. wrong figures. Fixed.
  • many, many more...

21.06.2001 - New Atari version V0.20R2

Version V0.20 of Atari version with many bugfixes available.

08.06.2001 - New Amiga Version V0.36 R1

Version V0.36 finally allows players to directly fight with each other. In the past few weeks, players were able to annex land, and now some of those who got too little now start to equip armies to get their fair share. Because land is important for income, resources and power.

The first battle were already fought and the people of Tamar mourn thousands of victims. We can see how borders start to move and notice the intrigues, insults and blackmails among players. There are prices offered for the heads of certains Lords and other players are incited to join the battle.

From the fact that we are talking about real humans playing with each other, results a complexity never seen before. It is a thousand times harder to fool a real human than a simpleton computer player.

Only the best and most clever will truly master the game and raise up the rank list. If some player should finally reach the title of a emperor, then this is not only a title, but also honor the perfect mastery of politics, mathematics and strategy. The title is a prove of the intelligence, bravery and reliabilty of the player.

So be warned: the higher a player ranks, the more dangerous it will be to upset him.

06.06.2001 - New Atari version V0.20

Finally, with version V0.20, Atarians can start playing on Tamar, too. For the first time in the real world, Amiga and Atari users together play the same commercial game over the Internet. An opportunity to finally settle the discussion which computer system is better :-)

Let the games begin :-)

After more than 4 years of work, our efforts start to show results. The system-independant ToT-API makes it possible to port routines in a very short order of time and to easily get versions to the same level of functionality. The hardware-near development allows ToT to run even on very slow systems.

The compatibility between versions makes it possible to switch the system in mid-game without problems.

01.06.2001 - New Mac PPC version V0.04

· On the downloadpage the new V0.04 of Mac PPC port with activated use of Amiga locales is now available.

30.05.2001 - New PC/Windows version V0.19

· On the downloadpage the new V0.19 with activated report screen is now available.

18.05.2001 - Amiga V 0.35R3 / Atari V0.17 / PC V0.18 / Mac V 0.02 / Press

· With version V0.17 the tax screen of the Atari version has been activated. In version V0.18 of PC client there are several bugfixes of the API and the research screen is now activated.

· A new press-archive is online. It contains new pictures taken from the intro and the game itself. Interested parties (publishers of news-sites, for examples) should contact eternity@pride.de to receive an access code.

· With version V0.35 R3, a so-called "vacation mode" has been activated in the AMIGA client. Now it is no problem to skip a few days in playing Tales Of Tamar. But the Lords of Tamar have been warned! Neighbours could make use of this and attack while the landlord is away....

08.05.2001 - Atari V0.14

· With version V0.14 version 0.14, the port of the SAL to the Atari is completed. The 99% source-compatibility now also applies here, and porting of new elements with be considerably faster.

During the last 6-7 months, Rafal Kawecki has done an excellent work, and the Atarians owe it to him only that this game now comes to the Atari.

In 1 to 2 months, we will see the first playable version of Tales of Tamar for the Atari. Atari, PC and Amiga will then, for the first time, be able to play in a common world, independent of the platform.

We foresee the big wars between Amiga & Atari and Amiga & PC flame up again. Didn't you ever want to show off to the PC-users? Take your chance and sign up as alpha tester for Tales of Tamar! Get in touch now, and get a lead before the other computer systems come in. We still have 20 vacant positions.

Only the best will survive in Tales of Tamar, because your opponents are a thousand times better than any computer, they are real humans...

07.05.2001 - New FAQ and V0.35R2 of Amiga client

· Version V0.35 R2 introduces the medium and heavy infantry. The map has been improved further and the infantry and weapons requester in the barracks have been reworked.
· New version of english FAQ available.

25.04.2001 - V0.35 R1 of Amiga client

· New version of Amiga client V0.35R1 available.


Ladies and Gentlemen, dear players,

we are pleased to announce today the future cooperation between the team of Tales of Tamar and the "Ruestzeug"-Team.

The "Ruestzeug"-Team are specialists for manufacturing of medieval weapons and armors. It is also a LARP organization using the world of Tamar, too.

Take a look at the excellent weaponry on this site:


Shortly, we will publish more details on the first official CON for Tales Of Tamar.


· New version of PC client V0.17 available.


· New version of PC client V0.16 available.
· First version V0.01 for Macintosh PPC available.


· New version of Amiga client V0.34 R2 available.


· New version of Atari client V0.13 available.


· New version of Atari client V0.12 available.


· New version of PC client V0.15 available.


· New version of Amiga client V0.34 R1 available.


· New version of Linux/SDL V0.04 available.


· New version of Atari client V0.11 available.


· New version of Atari client V0.10 available.
· New version of Amiga client V0.33 R6 with several bugfixes available.


· New version of Atari client V0.09 available.


· New version of Amiga client V0.33 R5 with several bugfixes and new sounds available.


· New version of Amiga client V0.33 R4 with several bugfixes and new sounds available.


· New version of Amiga client V0.33 R3 with several bugfixes available.


· New german and english FaQ


· New version (V0.33R1) of the Amiga client available


· New version (V0.08) of the Atari client available


· Corrected version of german FAQ
· New menu entry on english page: Theres now also an english FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page available
· New version (V0.07) of the Atari client available
· Newspages: Please make your links straight to http://www.tamar.net so that every visitor has the possibilty to choose his prefered language.


· New versions of the Linux and Atari client are available


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