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03.12.2002 - Tales of Tamar News regarding ARC 2002 in Aachen/Germany

After the bad news about Amithlon and AmigaAktuell, we hope to improve your mood with our news, especially with the ARC 2002 drawing closer.

In the past few weeks quite a few things have happened in Tales of Tamar.

First of all, we were finally able to negotiate the software bundle with Thendic France. Thendic will sell a Tales of Tamar SE, together with two other games from Epic software.

This Special Edition of Tales of Tamar will include 75 free turns, perfect to get a glimpse at the game. It will consist of one CD-ROM, including digibooster music, the manual in PDF format and it is fully upgradeable. All future updates for the game are available to customers of this version.

Neue Map At the same time, we would like to announce the second public update for all current players and testers. This update features, among other things, a completely new menu for the map screen. This menu has a small overview map (which you may be used to from other games) and a requester that lists all of your current units. It is divided into the different types of units like armies, ships, settlers, scouts and specialists such as mages, clerics, etc. who will be added in a later update. One click on a unit in that list and the map will center on that figure. We thank Carsten Berger (aka Lord Jinx) for his excellent graphics.

The update will be released shortly before the Aachen fair and is already included in the SE version of Tales of Tamar.

Already our players have begun to settle in, and interesting things are beginning to happening. As you sure know, Tales of Tamar is not just a simple strategy game, but also an involving role playing game. That's why we would ask you to lend your ear to an idea one of our players has who would like to hold some sort of Olympic games:

Honored Lords and Ladies of Tamar,

We, the people of Haschland, let you all know that, in the summer of the year 223, the First Tamarian Games will take place. It shall be a peaceful competition between the best athletes of each country.

Of course, only players of Tales of Tamar are entitled to take part. You will find further informations about the Tamarian Games in the included documents or in our forum at http://www.eternity-computer.de/phpBB/ We thank the people of Haschland and Lord Haschelot, the organizer. :-)

We would be pleased to meet you during ARC 2002 at the booth of the Amiga Future stand to show you Tales of Tamar in person.

14.11.2002 - New Amiga version

Version 0.46 is the first official (and of course free) update for Tales of Tamar. As promised, we'll keep improving and expanding the game.

Since the release of the CD version, quite a few things have happened:

New features:

  • Title screen reconverted. Antialiasing improved
  • Diplomacy: Personal messages can be sent and received
  • Cheat protection for ARMY, SHIP and MOVE chunk
  • Fonts have been reworked by Damaso Dominguez
  • Spanish characters are now shown correctly
  • ToT is now running on MorphOS for Amiga and Pegasos
  • new BardsTale stories
  • Ruines added
  • new map images for town level 2 to 4
  • CGX V5 is now recognized


  • first level town had incorrect number of inhabitants
  • plundered trade ships left their loaded figure in the water. Fixed
  • loss of capital caused problems
  • fallback mode for screen mode rewritten
  • output in FTP routine and diplomcy removed
  • Bugfix in chunkmachine
  • Bugfixes in stringinput
  • Bugfixes in TaverneOfflineChat
  • resources display und AGA fixed
  • some bugfixes relating to ships
  • repair routines for ship
  • building screen updated
  • gotcha changed from hardware to software
  • fadein and fadeout is in software on the Pegasos now
  • CGX V5 check
  • MorphOS is now detected correctly
  • BardsTale now completely in german available

We'd like to discuss three things in particular:

First is the new option to send "intime" messages directly to another player. The feature allows you to act completely undetected, you don't have to use a secondary email account to exchange messages without a thrid party noticing. A quite useful addition.

Next is the addition of ruins and different twon levels on the map. Before, all town had the same image, the one of a small village. Form now on, abandoned towns will show as ruins and the image of a town will adapt to its size. Major towns will be visible as such to everyone.

The whole system can be extended as far as adapting the land around a town. The bigger your town becomes, the more more settlement and small buildings will appear in the surrounding lands. You may see small farms, picturesqe houses by small lakes, or hunters hideouts. Your land can change every turn. The possibilites are only limited by the capacity of the server and the number of players. The more players, the more possibilities :-)

Last but not least, we would like to thank some people for helping us bringing Tales of Tamar to MorphOS. First would be Ralph Schmidt, who really helped and not just talked like other people. And Frank Mariak, whose fixes to CyberGFX V5 made is possible for Tales to be adapted. Thank you to both of them!

Tales of Tamar is now running on MorphOS for Amiga and Pegasos. It benefits form the WarpUP emulation in MorphOS, which even seems to be faster than the original. Since Tales of Tamar is a mixed binary, the PPC routines work under MorphOS as well. Animations are even faster there. We will keep adapting more features to MorphOS in the future

13.11.2002 - New Mac PPC version

The new MAc version introduces the storage room screen. With this, future updates will also be available via FTP.

20.10.2002 - New LARP-Videos and Aminet-Demo

Dear customers and testers,

it is our pleasure to provide your with two news items today.

First of all, we finally got the video for the second LARP based on Tales of Tamar. This con was again organized by the proven team around Daniel Stein and everybody had a lot of fun. Our thanks go to the great people at Virtual Dimension, who professionally cut and produced the video. You can find it under Downloads.

If all goes well, we will have an ambiente con in winter 2002/03 on a castle. It will also be the release party for the Tales of Tamar base set. Every player is cordially invited. You will soon find detailled information in the LARP section of our homepage.

Last but not least, today we have prepared a tech demo for Tales of Tamar to be released on Aminet. This demo will help you find out if Tales of Tamar works properly on your system and also gives you some background information. It is the same demo as two years ago, but based on new routines and now also works on Amithlon. Unfortuneately, were not not able to test it on MorphOS yet, but if some MorphOS betatesters download this demo, we would like to hear about possible problems.


16.10.2002 - New MacPPC version

The new version 0.27 with many bugfixes is for download available.

15.10.2002 -Tales of Tamar now shipping

Dear customers, dear testers,

it is our pleasure to announce that the shipping of the Tales of Tamar Base Set boxes has started today.

The second production run of the euro boxes was successful. The long awaited sale could begin. We also keep our promise to release Tales of Tamar on 'Amiga first'.

By next week, more than 250 players will be active on the world Tamar, and the concept of Massively-Multiplayer will kick in fully.

To encourage sales further, we will offer the opportunity to recruit new players to receive free turns. For each player who buys a Base Set at ww.tamar.net and refers you, you will receive 50 turn *for free*. Tales of Tamar works on UAE as well, so you can even recruit PC users. The native PC version, which will re released later, will be *freely available* then. This also applies to the other supported platforms.

We are looking forward to welcome you on Tamar!

19.09.2002 - MorphOS Beta Testers wanted

According to some Internet sites, there are already MorphOS systems out there. Since we neither have received the motherboard we ordered from BPlan or Thendic nor a current MorphOS release, we would like somebody with such a system to test ToT on it for us. Please contact us at eternity@pride.de

Tales of Tamar is completed. Boxes, manuals and CD-ROMs have been manufactured. Unfortunately, the cardboard boxes are faulty. The print on them is 2.5mm off.

Since we had the boxes especially made to have a high quality product, we negotiated with the manufacturer and they agreed to do a new, better production run. But this also means that it will take another two weeks until the game is ready to ship.

We hope that this was in your interest and hope to welcome you on Tamar soon. 20.07.2002 - New version V0.44 R1 for AMIGA

It is done. The Amiga base set of Tales of Tamar is completed. Sales will start September 1st 2002. It will be the first Massively Multiplayer Strategy Game on the Amiga market. Follow us in this fantasy world and experience this unique mixture of strategy and role playing.

Preorders can be placed at www.tamar.net.

11.07.2002 - New version V0.27 R13 for Windows-PC

Finally, after a long pause, the PC version is being developed again. This release adds moveable figures.

28.06.2002 - New version V0.43 R13 for AMIGA

This is the second to last version of Tales of Tamar until the base set!

A lot of older bugs were fixed. Then the soundtrack was included, which is a real highlight and needs not to fear comparision with top-selling games on the market. A big thumbs-up to our musician Markus Holler!

Another large update were the research description texts and the Stringinput routines for several screens. They allow a direct input of values instead of in- and decrementing with arrow buttons. These changes refer to the granary, the trade screen and the diplomacy screen.

If we say second-to-last, of course we mean second-to-last beta before the release version.

Meanwhile, wars are still at large on Tamar. We also have a potential fourth victim of a heart attack, Baron Faramir :-) (Sorry, dear Baron!)

In a few days, Eternity will start taking preorders for the Amiga base set. Tales of Tamar will be sold in an elegant euro box, containing a 64 page manual and 3 CD-ROM discs. We hope you will join us on Tamar. If you have questions about the gameplay or online costs, please don't hesitate to contact us. Just write to eternity@pride.de.

If you are a fan of role playing games and have a thing for strategy games, you should not miss this game! Our testers are playing for two years now and continue so with ever increasing enthusiam.

This game will set a new standard among PBEM Games.

(PBEM = PlayByEMail)

10.06.2002 - New version V0.24 for Mac

The current Mac version adds the trade screen.

04.06.2002 - New version V0.43R6 for Amiga

The current version implements sea battles. War ships can now attack enemy trade and battle ships.

28.05.2002 - New version V0.23 for Mac and 0.07 for Java

The Mac version is progrssing nicely. It's now possible to collect taxes, to harvest and distribute grain, to research and to build your town.
We are still looking for tester on the Mac. 20 postions are vacant...

Version 0.07 for Java includes the gadget system.


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