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Here we present the current and former participations around Tales of Tamar. In alphabetical order.

team leader

Martin_Wolf Class: 1970
Occupation: Independently
Residence: Frechen
In the team since: 1997
Tasks: main-coder, idea & concept, construction of the ToT-API, coder of the Amiga version and the server. coder of the ToT-GUI, the IRC-client, the online games and many more.
Hobbies: soccer, programming, reading
Contact: wolfen AT tamar DOT net
Website: http://www.eternity-computer.de/

main team

Ricco_Rossberg Class: 1986
Occupation: coder
Residence: Nidderau
In the team since: 2009
Tasks: coding
Hobbies: Amiga computers, cats, science fiction and middle ages
Contact: mail AT ricco-rossberg DOT de
Website: http://www.ricco-rossberg.de
Carsten Freystedt Class: 1979
Occupation: IT
Residence: Magdeburg
In the team since : 2006
Tasks: misc
Hobbies: reading, Tales of Tamar
Contact: tot_macjones AT arcor DOT de
Falk_Krause Class: 1971
Occupation: Glass form engraver
Residence: Schmiedefeld (Sachsen)
In the team since: 2000
Tasks: BardsTale writer, chronicles
Hobbies: computer, cinema, good food
Contact: pr0fessor AT gmx DOT de
Alexander_Manthei Class: 1976
Residence: Hochheim/Main
In the team since : 2007
Tasks: press
Hobbies: variously
Contact: presse AT tamar DOT net
Jens_Neubauer Class: 1977
Occupation:Energy electronics engineer
Residence: Eppendorf, Sachsen
In the team since: 1999
Tasks: translation, manual, forumadministration, coordination java version
Hobbies: computer, fantasy, scifi
Contact: jens.neubauer AT gmx DOT de
Website: http://www.taurik.de/
Fabio_Trotta Class: 1980
Occupation: Webdesigner
Residence: Dieburg
In the team since: 2003
Tasks: webdesigner, webmaster, websupport
Hobbies: design, computer, mountainbike, music, fantasy, science fiction
Contact: webmaster AT tamar DOT net
Website: http://www.trotta.de


Phillip Bödeker Tasks: 2D graphics, animations, GUI
Christian Flämig Tasks: moderation of the forum, graphical adjustments
Carsten Fuhrmann

Tasks: backgrounds and specalists portraits

Markus Holler Tasks: main musician, Tamar Intro, support for Sound-Fx, creation of the DigiBooster-modules and Soundtracks
Silke Porath Tasks: Tamar book
Sven Steinbrenner Tasks: moderation of the forum, manual, bug report treatment
Yves Sudholt Tasks:graphics
Alain Thellier Tasks: coder of the 3D engine for the 3D map
Andreas Wrede Tasks: translation
Dieter Zenteck In the team since: with breaks since 1997
Arkadius Zielinski In the team since: 2001

We thank our former participants:

Marc Albrecht, Sascha Atrops, Michal Balcerzak, Christian Beer, Patrick Beerhorst, Carsten Berger, Daniel Bindel, Thomas Claus, Sven Dreesbach, FINarts, Claudia Forsbach, Bianca Fricke, Sebstian Hübner, Rafael Kawecki, Bülent Kayali, Frank Kloek, Holger Kreftig, Anes Lihovac, Tim Lucks, Falk Lüke, Alfredo Martins, Michael Meyer, Peter Naumann, Ulrich Panzer, Daniel Pisanec, Stephan Schäfer, Michael Scholz, Lars Stegelitz, Margot Stilwell, Gianluca Verrengia, Markus Watterott, Henry Wirth, Juergen Wirtz, Jürgen Wolff...


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